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Why am I not able to file a claim?

You can file a claim only when the policy status is Active, which happens once the order is shipped.

What is the coverage limit of AfterShip Protection?

Each order is insured with the amount of $10,000. If you are planning to buy AfterShip protection for an order worth over $10,000, please divide your order into two or more mini-orders to get the full coverage.

What is covered under the AfterShip Protection fee?

AfterShip Protection fee covers only the product, not the shipping amount and tax fee. It gets charged based on the pricing of product items, which means the AfterShip Protection fee will increase in the case of luxurious items.

Is there any deadline to file a claim?

Yes, you must file a claim in writing and within 90 days from the date of delivery if your order is lost or damaged.

Will the protection fee be credited back to my account if I initiate a refund?

AfterShip Protection fee will be refunded if you initiate the refund request before the order gets shipped. Once the order is shipped, the protection fee won’t be refunded.

What are the AfterShip Protection policies?

Please check the terms and conditions here for coverage details and exclusions.

What commodities are eligible for coverage under AfterShip Protection?

Not all commodities are eligible for coverage like contraband, illicit goods, accounts receivable, fish meal, nuclear fuel and substances, fireworks, explosive agents, fire-starting devices or aids, plants, animals and insects, human tissues or organ

What should I do if I have questions about the claim result?

Please note that InsureShield® takes the final call, not AfterShip. Therefore, buyers must reach merchants and request them to communicate with the insurance company to get clarity related to the claim result. Kindly do not contact AfterShip Protecti

Does AfterShip Protection insure orders based on the shoppers' countries?

Both international and domestic shipments are covered under AfterShip Protection. However, the coverage will be null and void if there's a violation of any U.S. economic or trade sanctions.The insurance company will contact USA merchants to get more

Will AfterShip Protection insure orders containing multiple items?

AfterShip Protection insures the whole order, no matter how many items it has. Kindly file a claim when you receive all the items because you can submit the claim amount only once.